The Poem
This page tells the quite remarkable tale of a 14 year old Speedway fan named Lynn Davenport and her hero Ivan Mauger.
The story of the poem was originally broadcast on BBC Northwest Tonight on the 2nd of January 2019.
Ivan Mauger passed away in April 2018 and while his family were going through the contents of his office they found the poem and birthday card sent by Lynn.
Sadly Lynn had also passed away a couple of years ago.
The Mauger family wanted to return the poem to Lynn's relatives and her 91 year old mother Margaret was the happy recipient.
Until they were contacted firstly by Brian from the and subsequently by Ivan's daughter Debbie, Lynn's family had no idea she had written Ivan a poem and sent it with a birthday card in the early 1970's.
Debbie presented the poem back to Margaret on behalf of the Mauger family, she was genuinely thrilled to receive it.
Brian from the Mauger Campaign provided a cake onto which he had the poem transcribed.
Debbie Pritchard​.
Finding the poem my Father had received in 1974 was truly wonderful, presenting the poem back to Lynn’s Family in December 2018 was very special! Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Brian @MaugerCampaign for arranging/co-ordinating the evening!