Ivan Maugers New Zealand race jacket from the World Team Cup Qualifying round at Kings Lynn 1984.
ivan jacket_edited.jpg
A couple of pictures of Ivan wearing the jacket.
ivan jacket3.jpeg
Ivan jacket2.jpeg
I bought this mudguard from Derek at Starline Guards, he first started painting things for Ivan as a 16 year old.
ivan mudguard.jpeg
ivan ricard sticker.jpeg
A Ricard sponsored Ivan Mauger sticker
Two other nice stickers, I had never seen the red before I bought it.
Ivan stickers.jpeg
ivan keyring.jpeg
Souvenir 30 Year Jubilee Tour keyring. 
ivan stickers 5.jpeg
The following six pictures of stickers etc all came fron Ivan's own collection.
ivan stickers 4.jpeg
ivan patches.jpeg
ivan stickers 2.jpeg
ivan stickers 3.jpeg
ivan stiickers 1.jpeg
ivan fig 1.jpg
ivan fig 2.jpg
Hand painted Ivan Mauger figure, picture with a couple of JAP engine damaged parts.
ivan p.jpg
 Ivan Mauger Exeter brass plaque with a raised image.
Ivan Mauger Fan Club Sticker I presume from the 1970's.
Ivan fan sticker.jpg
I bought the pennant below because the artwork was taken from the cover of the 1968 World Team Cup programme and featured Ivan, although he wasn't and England/GB rider by the time of this event in 1975.
Ivan pen3.jpg
Ivan pen1.jpg
Ivan pen2.jpg
The pennant has some interesting spelling of the England riders names! and amazingly the person I bought it off had a note from the original owner and seller which was England rider Ray Wilson who's name is miss spelt.
Ray 1.jpg
Ivan sticker6.jpg
A newly produced sticker from 2021.
This lovely prototype photo-etched copper piece arrived in the collection late October 2021. Steve who made it back in the 1970's only ever did this one of Ivan, he had previously produced artwork of Leicester Lions speedway riders and made some photo-etchings of those.
Ivan copper.jpg