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  Italian made Ivan model
 Business card upto 1972
The triple crown badge was given to me by Ivan


​Below the "Final Call" brochure for the Autumn Stafford Sale featuring the Ivan Mauger collection.


I was fortunate to win this Ivan Mauger helmet at the Bonhams auction in October 2017.
The Full Bonhams Catalogue
Ivan with the BLRC Trophy shown right..
The 1973 Winners British League Riders Championship Trophy presented to Ivan Mauger.
Courtesy of some very kind people.
I was lucky enough to see these iconic leathers and helmet before they left for their new home which has now been revealed as the new Ivan Mauger section of the National Speedway Museum inside Paradise Wildlife Park.
The leathers left were worn when winning the 1970, 77 & 79 World titles, the helmet is the 1968 World final winning one and the black leathers are the 1972 World title winning ones.
The Ivan Mauger display at The National Speedway Museum, inside
Paradise Wildlife Park.
Picture curtesy of
A selection of rosettes from Ivan return to British League Speedway, left to right,
Newcastle Diamonds, Two from Belle Vue Aces, Exeter Falcons and finally Hull Vikings.
Up until the Bonhams auction very few bikes ever left Ivan ownership this one lived in the US until recently.
My jacket that a wore to Belle Vue every Saturday night from 1972 until 1984 with a close up of the Ivan Mauger badge
German advertising poster.
Signed 1st day stamp cover New Zealand 1986.
Sportscaster information card about Ivan.
Bought this from Germany, no mention of it being Ivan on board the Weslake, it obviously is. I presume its a card from some sort of Top Trumps game.
Unusual item of memorabilia, "I Wanna Be Like Ivan Mauger" single record signed by the artist.
Programme Board covering Ivans teams from 1963 onwards
From clubcoinsuk Speedway Legends series this fabulous
Ivan Mauger coin to see the collection click here.
I bought the below item in early 2018, it is the menu for the Manchester Town Hall celebration of Belle Vue Aces fantastic 1972 season. The Aces completed their "Triple Crown" of winning the British League three years in a row, as well as winning the Knock-out cup and Ivan of course won his fourth individual World speedway title that year.
What I didn’t know when I purchased the items was that the seller was nonother than former Ace Paul Tyrer, who I had the pleasure of meeting. Paul very generously included his invitation to the function, on the back of which is the seating plan for the night.
I found this recently while going through some old stuff, I don't remember buying it but i'm thrilled I found it again!.
The search continues, I found this German version of the programme for Ivans World Jubilee Tour
The recent "old stuff" search also turned up this Provincial League Riders Final Programme, Ivans first major win on returning to the UK in 63 to ride for Newcastle Diamonds.
I also found this World Jubilee
Tour sticker
Man of the Millennium DVD.
A side of Ivan you don’t often see, quite comical in places.
I don’t know if this badge was commercially available or fan made, but someone has put effort into trying to insult Ivan, as I said on my home page, a hero to most and a “pantomime” villain to others.
ivan button badge.jpeg
Ivan Mauger button badge from the 60's or 70's.
Ivan Mauger King of Speedway car sticker.
No argument from me, says it all.
World Long Track Champion Sticker 1972
Ivan Mauger Racing DVD from Retrospeedway.
There can't be many times Ivan was in the same team as stunt king Eddie Kidd but he was for this.
A nice framed caricature of Ivan in his Exeter Falcon days, i'm unsure if it is a one-off or something that was commercially available.
Ivan caricature.jpeg
A postcard from 1975
Ivan Winfield.jpeg
Mauger stamp.jpeg
New Zealand Champions of World Motorsport stamps from 2009
A Hull Vikings pennant, Ivan was still World Champion when he joined Hull in 1978 and he won his final title in 1979 while still a Viking.
Ivan hull 3.jpeg
Another  Hull Vikings pennant.
penn hull.jpeg
A nice Speedway World Final pennant listing all the riders and of course Ivans forth victory.
pen 77.jpeg
Ivan Maugers 30th year jubilee tours pennant from Poland, showing both sides. The likeness is a bit spurious.
pen poland.jpeg
pen poland2.jpeg
Below are a print proof ad and various TV and Radio scripts to advertise Ivan Mauger's appearance at Claremont Speedway Australia in January 1973. The print proof manages to spell Ivan as Ian! The press wording spells Mauger correctly but the TV and Radio scripts use Major, I presume that’s to make it easier for the announcer.
ivan claremont.jpeg
A nice piece of Ivan Mauger Ricard sponsorship memorabilia,
strangely hard to track down.
ivan ricard.jpeg
Ivan Mauger on his gold bike resplendent in Belle Vue Aces leathers, pictured in the trophy room at his home in Woodford Cheshire.
Also pictured is the Sunday Mirror World Wheel trophy that Ivan was given to keep after winning his 5th World title in 1977.
ivan card.jpeg
Ivan on board a Hagon-Godden Longtrack bike late in his career sometime around the mid 1980's.
Ivan hagon3.jpg
Found this while clearing out my old shed, in a bag with lots of other audio cassette tapes that I no longer have the ability to play, recorded in 1977.
Ivan cassette.jpeg
Ivan Templeton.jpeg
Christchurch Templeton Speedway sticker 1960's
Ivan star profile.jpg
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