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The first three pictures on this page are programmes that came from Ivan Maugers home and were given to me by the family.
Ivan newcastle programme.jpeg
Ivan internationale.jpeg
ivan bv programme.jpeg
A selection of programmes featuring Ivan Mauger, starting with his first apperance at Wimbledon in 1957. The one on the right is from Eastbourne, an England v Overseas meeting, Ivan scored 11 from 6 rides for the Overseas, England ran out the winners 58-49.
ivan wim 57.jpeg
Ivan Eastbourne 1958.jpg
Programmes featuring Ivan Mauger on the cover, starting with his British League clubs from 1963 onwards.
mauger hull programme.jpeg
Ivan and the other three riders walking to the line for the run-off in the previous years riders final, Ivan won again in 1964.
Ivan PLRC.jpeg
Danish Speedway Programme 1977,
Ivan wasn't even riding in the meeting.
Ivan denmark.jpeg
Ivan programme.jpeg
Ivan poole.jpeg
Ivan NZ Programme.jpg
Ivan wasn't riding in the 1973 Manpower, he's on the cover as he won the previous year.
Ivan Reading.jpeg
Ivan grass.jpeg
Ivan Bewdley.jpeg
Bewdley Bonanza Programme from 1976, with a fabulous image of
Ivan Mauger & Don Godden.
Another where Ivan wasn't riding in the meeting but appeared on the cover.
Ivan Hackney.jpeg
Ivan British Nordic.jpg
Two more Speedway programmes where Ivan Mauger wasn't riding in the meeting but still appeared on the front cover.
Ivan dutch.jpeg
Ivan german.jpeg
Wembley Area indoor meeting 1979, the smallest track in the World and the meeting was won by Ivan Mauger.
Ivan wembley.jpeg
Ivan Jimmy.jpg
A programme from a different phase of Ivan Mauger's career, now as promoter of a major sporting event The Inaugural Australian Long Track Grand Prix 1989.
Ivan long track bathurst.jpeg
ivan scotland.jpg
Ivan's farewell to Scotland on his jubilee tour.
Another where Ivan wasn't riding in the meeting but appeared on the cover.
Kihikihi Speedway programme, from possibly the final meeting of Ivan Maugers career.
Ivan programme 85.jpeg
Ivan glasgow (2).jpg
ivan ronnie (2).jpg
Not listed as Ivan on the cover but I'm sure it is.
edinburgh programme (2).jpg
Ivan rye 58.jpeg
Classic example of how unfamous Ivan was in 1958, listed as Ivor Mauger!!
Eastbourne Ivan.jpeg
Absolutely no reason why Ivan is on the cover of an Eastbourne v Rochadale programme.
Picture is Ivan as a member of the victorious 1972 Great Britain team, but in this 1973 tournament he's now riding for New Zealand.
Leicester Ivan.jpeg
Below the programme from Ivan Mauger and Barry Briggs touring World Champions Speedway series in 1977, featuring a stella line up of riders, Mauger, Briggs, Michanek, Muller, Crump, Plech, Stancl, Collins, McMillan.
ivan rye 58 2.jpeg
US Ivan.jpeg
1970 Sweden v England programme where Ivan Mauger is riding for England, along side Scotlands Jim McMillan !!
Ivan england.jpeg
Ivan world series.jpeg
ivan exeter.jpeg
ivan liverpool.jpeg
ivan exeter final.jpeg
The final ever Exeter Speedway programme.
Ivan Mauger returned for one last time.
Christchurch Speedway programme 1972/3 season featuring Ivan on the cover.
Christchurch Prog 3.jpg
Ivan won the Scotianapolis with a 15 point maxium, Chris Pusey was second and Anders Michanek.
Ivan Scot.jpg
Ivan rest.jpg
The following images relate to a story I didn't know until August 2021. Ivan along side Ronnie Moore rode for Swindon away at Norwich in September 1958.
Ivan norwich1.jpg
Ivan norwich2.jpg
Ivan and Ronnie.jpg
I wasn't 100% convinced this was a true story, especially as Ivan's name is just written in but I then found these match statistics on the fabulous
Ivan researcher2.jpg
Ivan researcher1.jpg
A couple of Glasgow Tigers programmes featuring Ivan, one of which he's riding for the Tigers.
ivan glasgow1.jpg
ivan glasgow2.jpg
This 1964 Glasgow programme has what i thing is one of the best Ivan Mauger portraits ever taken.
Ivan glasgow3.jpg
Found this 1958 Wimbledon programme in February 2022, Ivan had 2 rides in the meeting a second place  and an exclusion.
ivan wimbledon 1958.jpg
ivan wimbledon 1958 2.jpg
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