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The picture below came direct from Ivan's family and previously hung on the great man’s office wall.
The other three immediately below also came
from the family.
Ivan office picture.jpg
Ivan poster 5.jpeg
ivan poster 4.jpeg
Ivan poster 3.jpeg
The free version of ther poster above given away in
Motor Cycle News February 1972
Mauger mcn.JPG
A Keith Fretwell artwork poster from MCN.
Mauger Star.JPG
Mauger Kings Lynn.jpeg
Below is a copy of an interesting grass track poster, a wanted poster for Ivan the tearaway Mauger after he "stole" the prizes at last years event
ivan wanted.jpeg
Polish poster for Ivan's Jubilee World Tour
Mauger poster.jpeg
I do like to find items featuring Ivan Mauger that don't mention it, as in this 1977 Earls Court
Motor Cycle Show poster.
Mauger Earls Court.jpeg
This is the reverse side of the poster advertising the World Long Track final round that Ivan promoted in 2005.
Ivan poster.jpeg
ivan poster 2.jpg
Ivan bs poster.jpeg
ivan poster.jpeg
German Long Track poster from 1981.
Great line up of star riders.
I couldn't resist this print of 3 Kiwi World champions especially as they were being sold by NSSC on behalf off The Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund.
Ivan 3 kiwis.jpeg
What a great line up of riders including Ivan at Houston Astrodome in 1974.
ivan astrodome.jpg
ivan usa poster.jpg
Possibly Ivan's first appearence in the US.
A fabulous 1973 Wembley poster, in wonderful condition,
it doesn't say it's Ivan but it so obviously is.
ivan longtrack.jpg
Another poster from Ivan's career as a promotor, 1996.
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