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My copy of Ivan Maugers Speedway Book, given to me by the man himself.
Ivan Mauger Autobiography
"The Will To Win"
No better titled book.
Tiger annual from 1981, odd that it covers Ivan's win in 1979!
John Chaplins book that came out the year after "The Will To Win"
Broadslide came out in early 2017, other than the cover, Ivan hardly gets a mention.
If you need to ask "who is it?" you are on the wrong website.
October 1974 Copy of Valiant & Lion comic, don't think the artist was a portrait expert!
Ivan didn't always make the front page he's on the back of these three,
above Tiger December 1979 & below Tiger again but I only have the back page so I don't know the date Rover February 1970.
Ivan tiger2.jpeg
1973 Blue Peter annual featuring Ivan resplendent in Aces leathers aboard the Gold Triple Crown Special.
Motor Cycle Weekly Centrespread 1977
Vintage Speedway Magazine from 2000, with the result of the Millennium Men poll.
the millennium men.jpeg
ivan mcn.jpeg
A copy of Ivan's original autobiography along side an uncorrected
proof  of the book.
image4 (10).jpeg
USA magazine Cycle World March 1971.
Ivan cycle world.jpg
Ivan MCN Jan 80.jpg
Ivan MCN jan 80 2.jpg
MCN January 1980, review of the previous 10 years with
Ivan Mauger voted Man of the decade.
Speedway Post, September 1966.
Ivan speedway post.jpeg
Nice full front cover Speedway Mail Feb 1975.
Ivan Speedway mail.jpg
Austalian Speedway Magazine from 1980.
ivan bs book.jpeg
Speedway Echo, August 1968.
Ivan was the top non Iron Curtain qualifier in Poland, two weeks later he would win the first of his World titles, which took his career to a whole new level.
Speedway echo.jpeg
Front cover of the brochure for the Speedway Hall of Fame at the Donington Park motor racing circuit.
Ivan donington.jpg
ivan motor cycle.jpeg
Motor Cycle 5 July 1975, nice Ivan grass track cover picture,
Ivan exeter last lap.jpeg
Exeter Express and Echo November 2005
Iron & Air Magazine issue 30, with a nice tribute to Ivan Mauger, it is more of a book than a mag.
Ivan iron air.jpg
I searched a long time to try and find a copy of MCN that i'd had a letter printed in sometime in the mid 1970's luckly a lady selling a large collection on ebay found it, October 1975.
ivan mcn2.jpg
ivan mcn.jpg
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