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Ivan Mauger OBE, MBE.  4.10.1939 - 16.4.2018 is a fan website dedicated to promoting the career, history and memory of the motorcycle sporting icon that is Ivan Mauger.

Ivan was voted Speedway Millennium Man in 2000.

He jointly holds the record of six individual Speedway World Championship wins with Sweden's Tony Rickardsson, one in front of another Swedish legend Ove Fundin.

Ivan revolutionised Speedway in the 1960's and 70's and brought in a level of professionalism that was unheard of in those times.

The late 60's and into the 1970's were a golden era for Speedway in Britain with booming crowds, daily newspaper reports as well as regular coverage on ITV World of Sport and occasionally the BBC Grandstand.

Ivan Mauger was a man apart from the herd, immaculately turned out, with pristine equipment, he was sponsor and media savvy, all this kept him at the forefront, Ivan was box office at every stadium in the UK as well as abroad and the crowds followed, a genuine superstar of the sport, a hero to most and a “pantomime” villain to others.

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